Fireberd 4000 Communications Analyzer (Acterna / TTC 4000)

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Fireberd 4000 Communications Analyzer (Acterna / TTC 4000)

Acterna / Fireberd 4000

Fireberd / TTC Comminications Analyzer (Acterna / TTC 4000)

The Fireberd 4000 Communications Analyzer is a multifunction analyzer that uses modular interfaces to access a wide variety of circuits for analysis. Selecting an optional interface, installed in the rear panel interface slot, or the internal RS232 Interface allows the FIREBERD 6000 to connect to a circuit and perform in-service analysis or out-of-service BER (bit error rate) testing. All controls for configuring the FIREBERD / TTC 4000 are located on the front panel and are grouped according to function.

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Menus, messages. and configuration information are displayed on the front panel on an 80-character, vacuum fluorescent display. The display window is divided in half, with the left half providing configuration information. such as interface selection and other configuration settings. The right half of the display permits two analysis result to be displayed at one time.

Fireberd 4000 Features

  • Easy-to-use menu-driven architecture streamlines any test setup
  • Full print capabilities provide hard-copy proof of your field service measurements, complete with histograms, status prints, controls prints, and results prints
  • Setup summary automatically supplies your current test configuration
  • Two results displays allow you to view results quickly under difficult field conditions
  • Programmable auxiliary functions provide enhanced operational capability

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