HP 3589A Spectrum / Network Analyzer (Agilent 3589A / 35689A)

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HP 3589A Spectrum / Network Analyzer (Agilent 3589A / 35689A)

HP / Agilent 3589A + 35689A

Agilent / HP 3589A / 35689A

The HP 3589A Spectrum / Network Analyzer provides comprehensive frequency-domain measurements and cover the baseband through IF frequency range of 10 Hz to 150 MHz. The HP 3589A provides complete vector network measurements, support for analysis of RF and microwave down converted signals, accessory 50 Q and 75 Q S-parameter test sets, and optional time-gated spectrum analysis.

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Full Network Capability

Because design tasks often require network or impedance measurements along with spectrum analysis, the HP 3589A provides a complete range of features and measurement accessories for comprehensive network analysis. Phase measurement functions include group delay, polar and Smith chart formats, and phase slope or electrical length compensation. Make all normal transmission measurements in 50 Q and 75 Q environments with the standard HP 3589A. For audio or broadband analysis, the analyzer also performs log sweeps and adds a 1 MQ input.

Burst Signal Analysis

You can find burst or time-varying signals in applications as diverse as communications, disk drives, video, sonar, ultrasound, and optoelectronics. The time-gated spectrum analysis option of the HP 3589A is meant for just these dynamic signals. Trigger the analyzer to measure only during the " valid" or desired portion of a complex signal, providing standard measurements such as signal-tonoise and disto rtion. Accurate measurement of these repetitive signal bursts is often impossible with a standard spectrum analyzer.

Agilent / HP 3589A / 35689A Features

  • Complete spectrum and vector network measurements
  • Narrowband measurements hundreds of times faster
  • Accuracy to 0.2 dB, spectrum; 0.05 dB, 1 degree network
  • Companion 2-port 50 0./75 0. S-parameter test sets
  • 80 to 112 dB dynamic range
  • With HP 35689A S-Parameter Test Sets

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