Agilent 3764A Digital Transmission Analyzer (HP 3764A)

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Agilent 3764A Digital Transmission Analyzer (HP 3764A)

Agilent 3764A

Digital Transmission Analyzer (HP / Agilent 3764A)

The HP 3764A digital transmission analyzer is available in a number of different versions to cover a wide range of telecom and general purpose test applications. Each one offers pattern generation and error detection at coded and binary interfaces, and an HP-IB port for remote control operation.
A version of the HP 3764A with combined error and jitter performance measurements at 140 Mb/s is ideal for production test oftelecom equipment. It can be enhanced further with a through-data mode to allow jitter to be added to any 140 Mb/s signal passing through the instrument.

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Versions of the instrument with CEPT rates from 704 kb/s to 140 Mb/s offer a test solution for manufacturing and installation of digital network equipment. Other versions, including a clock syn thesizer, offer data generation and error detection at binary interfaces at rates up to 170 Mb/s. A special option for SONET/SDH is available for error and jitter measurements at STS3 and STMl.

Measurement Summary
Error Analysis :All measurements are made simultaneously and in accordance with CCITT Recommendation G.821.
Jitter Analysis :Peak-to -peak amplitude, jitter-hit count, jitter-hit seconds, jitter-hit-free seconds. Internal filters to CCITT Recommendation 0.171 are available for performing selective jitter measurements. Where a greater degree of selectivity is required, a demodulatedjitter output allows connection of external equipment such as a spectrum analyzer.

Agilent / HP 3764A Applications

  • Production testing of digital transmission equipment
  • Installation and maintenance of digital networks
  • Demultiplexer testing using through-data mode to add jitter to a structured signal
  • Long-term unattended monitoring with error performance analysis based on CCITT Recommendation G.821

Agilent / HP 3764A Features

  • Error and jitter measurements at 140 Mb/s or error measurements at 704 kb/s, 2, 8, 34, and 140 Mb/s
  • Internal synthesizer for measurements from 1 kb/s to 170 Mb/s at binary interfaces
  • Powerful data logging to internal or external printer
  • Fast, easy measurement setup using stored presets

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