Agilent 37714A PDH / SDH / ATM Transmission Test Set (HP 37714A)

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Agilent 37714A PDH / SDH / ATM Transmission Test Set (HP 37714A)

Agilent / HP 37714A

Agilent 37714A PDH / SDH / ATM Transmission Test Set (HP 37714A)

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The Agilent 37714A Transmission Tester is a compact solution to field maintenance test. This rugged modular tester complements the HP 37717B/C, providing a compact budget solution to applications not requiring jitter testing.

SDH Testing

The SDH module operates at STM-1e, STM-1o and STM-4o with a range of optical interface at 1310 and 1550 nm. In-service or out-of-service tests on PDH, SDH, transmission lines, or PDH payloads carried in SDH transmission systems, are supported. The operation of SDH network alarms error monitors, automatic protection switches, pointer processors and de-synchroniser circuits can be verified with this module. Drop / insertion of PDH payloads to / from the SDH signal and an error output are also available. SDH Alarm Scan and SDH Channel Scan features make this product the industry standard for ease of use.

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PDH Testing

PDH rates of 704kb/s and 2, 8, 34 and 140 Mb/s plus an Error Output are provided in the basic PDH module. The structured PDH module gives 2, 8, 34 and 140 Mb/s rates. The binary interfaces module provides Tx/Rx NRZ Clock and Data Signals plus an external clock input.

Agilent / HP 37714A Features

  • Single-unit solution for PDH/SDH/ATM maintenance
  • In-Service and out of service measurements
  • Monitor PDH and SDH Overhead framing, Parity and alarm information
  • Analysis to G.821,G.826 and base on bit errors and code errors
  • Interface UPDH,SPDH,SDH

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