Agilent 37717A PDH / SDH / ATM Transmission Test Set (HP 37717A)

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Agilent 37717A PDH / SDH / ATM Transmission Test Set (HP 37717A)

Agilent / HP 37717A

Agilent 37717A PDH / SDH / ATM Transmission Test Set (HP 37717A)

The Agilent 37717A is a multirate bit error measuring test set. It can generate and receive a range of data pattern, and provide analysis of receive errors to G821 requirements.

The jitter measurement module for the HP 37717A PDH/SDH BER and jitter test set is the first in a new generation of jitter measurement implementations. To allow accurate measurement of jitter created by the SDH network into the PDH network, the following techniques have been employed.

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The voltage-controlled oscillator (VCO) used to track the carrier frequency signal being received has a bandwidth of 4 Hz. This will provide a better reference for the measurement of long transients produced by pointer activity.

Separate positive and negative peak detectors will ensure that all spikes of jitter are captured irrespective of when they occur within the measurement period.

The maximum peak-to-peak jitter displayed by the instrument will be the difference between the positive and negative peaks within the gating period, ie, the use of fixed measurement periods within the gating period will no longer be employed.

By the use of these techniques, the HP 37717A provides a jitter tester that will give accurate measure of jitter in a PDH signal, irrespective of the network topology that the signal has passed through.

Agilent / HP 37717A Features

  • Single-unit solution for PDH/SDH/ATM maintenance
  • In-Service and out of service measurements
  • Monitor PDH and SDH Overhead framing, Parity and alarm information
  • Analysis to G.821,G.826 and base on bit errors and code errors
  • Interface UPDH,SPDH,SDH
  • 37717A provides the same function as mentioned above with additional JITTER generation and measurements.

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