Agilent 37717C Communication Performance Analyzer OmniBER 717 (HP 37717C)

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Agilent 37717C Communication Performance Analyzer OmniBER 717 (HP 37717C)

Agilent / HP 37717C

Agilent 37717C Communication Performance Analyzer OmniBER 717C (HP 37717C)

The Agilent 37717C communications performance analyzer (OmniBER 717) offers a single-box, field-portable multi-rate tester to 622Mb/s for installation, maintenance, and commissioning of hybrid PDH/SDH/SONET and ATM transport networks and network equipment.

OmniBER 717 can be configured as a dual standard SONET/SDH analyzer for BER and jitter tests, which makes it the ideal tool for testing network equipment in a manufacturing environment. The dual SONET/SDH capability along with comprehensive remote control of the instruments rich feature set means that production lines can be rapidly reconfigured to test either SONET or SDH.

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The HP OmniBER 717 has an easy-to-read color display. It offers an extensive range of T-carrier, PDH, SONET, SDH, ATM, jitter and LAN measurements.

Each analyzer provides dedicated slots for an optical interface and the printer/ remote-control module, plus up to eight slots for other interface and measurement modules. This provides the analyzer with the flexibility to offer dedicated modules for T-Carrier, PDH, SONET/SDH, SDH only, ATM, and jitter which can be combined together in the one mainframe enabling a range of test requirements to be covered.

The test and interface modules offer a range of measurements including detailed overhead, parity and alarm testing as well as frequency offset tolerance tests, frequency measurement and optical power measurement. The analyzers also offer enhanced test features like pointer sequence generation, overhead access and manipulation, overhead sequence generation and capture, service disruption measurement, plus thru mode capability. The structured T-carrier and PDH modules also offer ITU-T M.2100/ M.2101/M.2110/M.2120 testing with comprehensive ITU-T G.821 and G.826 in-service and out-of-service analysis. Dedicated test hardware provides all results and analysis simultaneously, so all relevant measurements are made in one test run saving time and hence money.

Agilent / HP 37717C (OmniBER 717) Features

  • 1310 nm or 1550 nm Optics Available
  • SONET/SDH Interfaces Available
  • Multi-Speed Test Set Platform
  • GPIB, RS232, LAN, Parallel Interfaces

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