Agilent 37724A SDH/PDH Test Set (HP 37724A)

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Agilent 37724A SDH/PDH Test Set (HP 37724A)

SDH/PDH Test Set (Agilent / HP 37724A)

The HP / Agilent 37724A is a comprehensive, field-portable SDH/PDH test set for applications up to 622 Mb/s (STM-4). It provides generation and analysis of TU-12 (2 Mb/s) and 140-Mb/s mapped SDH signals, with full control of regenerator section, multiplexer section, and path overhead bytes. Plug-in modules provide connection to a range of optical interfaces. Errors, alarms, and G.7S3 pointer movement sequences are generated to stress equipment up to and beyond CCITT standards.

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HP 37724A Application

The HP 37724A is a rugged, portable test set well suited to installation, acceptance testing or commissioning, and maintenance of SDH network equipment. In addition, its comprehensive test suite covers many applications in R&D and production. It provides a wide range of tests for verifying SDH equipment such as line systems, add-drop multiplexers, digital cross-connects, and line-terminal multiplexers.

Agilent / HP 37724A Features

  • SOH testing at 155 Mb/s (STM-1) and 622 Mb/s (STM-4)
  • POH testing at 2 Mb/s and 140 Mb/s
  • Comprehensive, single-unit test solution
  • Field-portable and robust unit

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