Agilent 37730A Frame Analyzer (HP 37730A)

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Agilent 37730A Frame Analyzer (HP 37730A)

Agilent / HP 37730A

Agilent 37730A Frame Analyzer (HP 37730A)

The Agilent / HP 37730A Frame Analyzer is an in-depth analysis tool for CCITT rates from 2 Mb/s to 140 Mb/s. It provides accurate and immediate identification of in-service network problems. A quick check of the analyzer's bright front-panel LEDs clearly shows the status of network alarms. " Fastscan" diagnoses framing bits and alarms at all hierarchical levels in less than 2 s. The HP 37730A's capabilitities also include G.821 analysis to Annex D, frequency measurement, and full audio and signaling diagnosis.

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Measurement Summery

  • At 8, 34, and 140 Mb/s: Signal loss, AlS, frame alignment, distant alarm, justification, FAS, reserved bits, justification control bits
  • At 2 Mb/s: Signal loss, AlS, frame alignment, multiframe alignment, FAS, CRC
  • At 64 kb/s: Level, peak code, offset, signaling, BER

37730A Applications

  • In-service maintenance of 2 to 140 Mb/s circuits
  • Manufacturing test of multiplexers

Agilent / HP 37730A Features

  • LCD Display
  • GPIB & RS232C/V.24 Interface
  • 75Ω G.703 Input

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