Agilent 3776A / 3776B PCM Terminal Test Sets (HP 3776A / HP 3776B)

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Agilent 3776A / 3776B PCM Terminal Test Sets (HP 3776A / HP 3776B)

Agilent 3776A / B

PCM Terminal Test Sets (HP / Agilent 3776A & 3776B)

Agilent / HP 3776A / Agilent / HP 3776B Price

In mixed analog / digital networks, the HP 3776A & 3776B makes PCM related measurements and with Option 001 the measurement set is extended to include measurements of the parameters affecting voice frequency (4 kHz) data transmission. These measurements can be made at any suitable analog or digital (PCM) access point in the network.

The HP 3776A & 3776B have pre-programmed measurement parameters that can be used immediately, but users can also create their own measurement parameters and store them in non-volatile memory; either set can be selected as required. A sequence of measurements can be created, using a controller, and downloaded into the HP 3776A / HP 3776B. This sequence is also stored in non-volatile memory and can be run independently by the instrument at any time.

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Results are always available via the LED display on the front panel; however, measurement parameters and results can also be output directly to a printer or plotter via HP-IB. In plot mode multipoint measurement results are presented in a graphical format and can also be shown in relation to the standard measurement mask, if this facility has been selected by the user.

Agilent / HP 3776A / Agilent / HP 3776B Features

  • CCITT and North Americal versions
  • All measurements available at digital or analog interfaces
  • Measurement sequence facility
  • Direct output to printer or plotter
  • Data Measurements - available in all modes A-A, A-D, D-A, D-D
  • Group Delay Distortion (HP 3776A only)
  • Envelope Delay distortion & Absolute Delay
  • Phase Jitter (Choice of filters)
  • 3776B Option 001 : Adds data measurement

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