Agilent 3785A PCM/TDM Jitter Generator and Receiver (HP 3785A)

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Agilent 3785A PCM/TDM Jitter Generator and Receiver (HP 3785A)

Agilent / HP 3785A

Agilent 3785A PCM/TDM Jitter Generator and Receiver (HP 3785A)

The Agilent 3785A PCM / TDM Jitter Generator and Receiver (HP 3785A) is a dedicated jitter measurement system for testing and evaluating the performance of CEPT or Bell digital transmission terminal and link equipment up to and including the third level (34368 kb/s or DS-3) in the digital hierarchy. The HP 3785A can be used in production testing, field installation and maintenance of the CEPT or Bell Digital transmission system including PCM/TDM transmission over cable, radio, satellite, and fiber optic links. The principal application is thorough testing to current CCITT Recommendations at each level in the digital hierarchy.

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In addition to providing a comprehensive measurement capability which includes in-service jitter measurements, the microprocessor-controlled Jitter Generator and Receiver is easy to use with ergonomic layout of switches and connectors on the front panel. The bus-controlled operation and automatic measurement sequencing.

The Jitter Generator may be used to phase modulate an internally provided crystal clock, an externally applied data stream. Sinusoidal modulation is provided by an internal synthesizer whose amplitude and frequency can be set manually or swept, transient-free, through a CCITT shaped jitter tolerance mask programmed into the instrument. Alternatively, external modulating signals can be applied. The frequency of internal modulation are in accordance with CCITT Recommendation 0.171 and are displayed on the front panel.

Agilent / HP 3785A Features

  • Jitter generation and measurement on data and clock
  • Jitter specifications designed to CCITT recommendation 0.171
  • Transient-free sweeping of internal CCITT defined jitter tolerance masks
  • Built-in measurement filters to CCITT recommendations
  • Single portable unit for up to 4 internal bit rates
  • Comprehensive jitter analysis against real-time and jitter amplitude

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