HP 3789B DS3 Transmission Test Set (3789B)

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HP 3789B DS3 Transmission Test Set (3789B)

HP 3789B

DS3 Transmission Test Set (Agilent / HP 3789B)
Agilent / HP 3789B Price

The HP 3789B is a more powerful test set offering outstanding monitoring and troubleshooting capabilities. A built-in demultiplexer allows it to perform measurements on both DS1 and DS3 signals from a OS3 access point. On equipment using the new C-bit parity frame format, the HP 3789B can measure the end-to-end performance of a transmission path in both directions simultaneously from a single access point. The instrument can operate with test patterns that are unframed, or framed in M 13 or C-bit parity format. A comprehensive error injection facility allows for stress-testing of equipment and interfaces. It can generate and detect the new "DS3 Idle" signal.

3789B Options Installed

  • 003 : 2nd measurement capability (including C-bit parity generation / measurement and jitter measurements at both DS1 and DS3)
  • 011 : Built-in 3.5 inch disc drive
  • 200 : BNC Connectots on Tx & Rx

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Measurements of timing jitter on both the DS3 signal and on any of the twenty-eight embedded OSI digroups are optionally available. Jitter-induced faults are normally very difficult to fault-find, but the comprehensive error and jitter measurement capability of the HP 3789B diagnoses problems easily and quickly. The built-in access switch controller allows the HP 3789B to selectively measure on a number of DS3 inputs via HP 3756A Access Switches to form a powerful stand-alone monitoring system. An optional built-in disc drive caters for extended data logging applications. Where even more powerful monitoring capability is required, both HP-IB and RS-232-C ports are standard for use with a remote controller.

HP 3789B Applications

  • System turn up checks
  • Routine testing of trunks
  • Fault sectionalization
  • Identifying fault mechanisms
  • Service quality verification
  • Outage detection & isolation
  • Trouble referral verification
  • And more...

Agilent / HP 3789B Features

  • Built-in DS3 to OS 1 demultiplexer
  • Error & jitter tests at DS1 & DS3
  • External events and voltages monitor inputs
  • M13 &C-Bit parity generation &measurement
  • DS3 idle signal generation & detection

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