Agilent 6038LSystem power supply - 60V, 10A (HP 6038L)

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Agilent 6038LSystem power supply - 60V, 10A (HP 6038L)

HP / Agilent 6038L

60V, 10A System Power Supply (Agilent 6038L)

The Agilent 6038L Power Supply is an autoranging power supply for use in the 306X board test systems only. It has a rating of 0 to 60 V dc, 0 to 10 A, 0 to 200 Watts output. The front panel only has a line switch, line indicator, and OVP adjust.

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HP / Agilent 6038L Features

  • Voltage Range : 0 to 60 V dc
  • Current Range : 0 to 10A
  • Programmable

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