Agilent 6622A System Power Supply, 80W, 2 outputs (HP 6622A)

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Agilent 6622A System Power Supply, 80W, 2 outputs (HP 6622A)

HP / Agilent 6622A

80W System Power Supply (Agilent / HP 6622A)

The Agilent 6622A has two 80 watt outputs. Each of these can produce 80 watts at either 20 volts or 50 volts. When operating below 20 volts, each output can source or sink up to 4 amps. When operating between 20 volts and 50 volts, it can source or sink up to 2 amps. Output combinations include: 2 outputs at 80 watts, either 0-20 or 0-50 volts. The built-in interface is tailored to the power supply, resulting in simpler programming. Specifications supplied with these power supplies already take both the power supply and programming interface into account as a system. Self-contained measurement and readback capabilities eliminate the need for scanning the output or using a separate DVM

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Protection Features

Local lockout capability enables the programmer to disable all front panel controls over the HP-IB except the channel select (to allow display of the output voltage and current of any channel.) Protection against overcurrent conditions is provided by either the current limit or overcurrent protection. Current limit will prevent the output current from exceeding a programmed value, while overcurrent protection will disable the supply if that value of current is reached. Current limit is always active, while overcurrent protection can be enabled or disabled.

HP / Agilent 6622A Features

  • Low-range volts, amps: 0 to 20 V, 0 to 4 A
  • High range volts, amps: 0 to 50 V, 0 to 2 A
  • Self-test occurs at power-on from a GPIB command
  • Measured voltage and current read-back over the GPIB
  • 10 store-recall states

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