Agilent 66309D Dual Mobile Communications DC Source w/ DVM (HP 66309D)

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Agilent 66309D Dual Mobile Communications DC Source w/ DVM (HP 66309D)

Agilent / HP 66309D

Dual Mobile Communications DC Source (Agilent / HP 66309D)

The Agilent 66309D dual output mobile communications dc source provides two outputs for testing both the main battery power and the battery charger circuitry, allowing customers to test phones and chargers with the same equipment. This feature helps save on rack space (2 outputs in a half rack box) and eliminates the need for two separate power supplies.The 66309D dc source provides all of the capabilities of the 66309B with the addition of a built in digital voltmeter.

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The Agilent Mobile Communications DC Source 663xx series offers several features ideal for testing wireless and battery powered devices. Excellent voltage transient response ensures maximum test-system throughput by minimizing device shutdowns due to significant voltage drops in the test wiring. Built-in advanced measurement system to accurately measure battery current drains when the device operates in different modes and an Agilent-developed feature that enables cellular telephone manufacturers to detect permanently and intermittently open-sense wire connections.

HP / Agilent 66309D Features

  • Voltage: 0 to 15 V, Current: 0 to 3 A
  • Peak Current for up to 7 ms: 5 A
  • Ideal for testing wireless and battery powered devices
  • Several times improvement in measurement throughput over general purpose DC sources
  • Dynamic measurement system for accurate battery current drain measurement
  • New easy-to-use Graphical User Interface and analysis tools for bench top use

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