Agilent 6632A System DC Power Supply - 20V, 5A (HP 6632A)

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Agilent 6632A System DC Power Supply - 20V, 5A (HP 6632A)

HP / Agilent 6632A

100W System DC Power Supply (Agilent 6632A)

HP / Agilent 6632A Price

The HP/Agilent 6632A is 100 Watt, single output, series pass regulated power suppliy optimized for systems applications. It provides high performance output with a full set of programmable features.
Most importantly, the 6632A is one-box solution for system power supply requirements. Both the voltage and current output can be programmed for either CV or CC operation. A built-in DVM and precision current shunt measure (readback) the actual power supply output. The internal HPIB (GPIB) interface allows for complete programmability, including status reporting and interrupt generation with user designated fault conditions. In addition, programming commands (such as VSET for voltage programming) are easy-to-use and selfdocumenting.

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Current Sinking & Remote Sensing

HP 6632A sink as well as source current. This provides very fast down programming times and speeds throughput in production test applications. The negative current setting tracks the user-programmed positive current (CC) setting. Remote sense terminals allow for precise voltage regulation at the load. This feature will compensate for load lead IR drops of up to 2 volts per lead.

Protection & Selftest

The HP 6632A have Overvoltage and Overcurrent protection. Both features are programmable via the front panel keypad and HP-IB. The Overvoltage protection includes an SCR crowbar. HP Models 6632A-6634A have a built-in selftest capability. This feature verifies the function of all HP-IB circuitry, D/A's, and A/D's at power on and upon HP-IB command.

HP / Agilent 6632A Features

  • O to 20V, 0 to 5A
  • Programmable overvoltage and overcurrent protection
  • Electronic calibration via HP-IB
  • "One-Box" solution: includes V and I read back
  • Fast up-and down-programming
  • Linear output regulation
  • Low ripple and noise

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