Agilent 6632B System DC Power Supply - 20V, 5A (HP 6632B)

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Agilent 6632B System DC Power Supply - 20V, 5A (HP 6632B)

HP / Agilent 6632B

100W System DC Power Supply (Agilent 6632B)

The Agilent 6632B Power Supply is a high performance DC power supply which offers speed and current measurement down to the microamp level. The 6632B 100W, 20V, 5A, GPIB, single output power supply is a versatile medium-power solution for automated applications that reduces development time with a combination of benchtop and system features designed for demanding design and test requirements.

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HP / Agilent 6632B Features

  • Output : 0-20V, 0-5A
  • Programmable active down-programmer sinks the full rated current
  • Fast, Low-noise output
  • Dual-range, precision low current measurement
  • Measured V & I readback over GPIB
  • Linear output regulation
  • Option 1CM : Rack Mount Kit (Optional)

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