Agilent 8644A Synthesized Signal Generator - 1030 MHz (HP 8644A)

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Agilent 8644A Synthesized Signal Generator - 1030 MHz (HP 8644A)

HP / Agilent 8644A

1030 MHz Synthesized Signal Generator (HP / Agilent 8644A)

The Agilent 8644A Synthesized Signal Generator is a high performance, 252 kHz to 1030 MHz generator that provides excellent spectral purity for confidence in RF measurements. For R&D or stringent testing of communications equipment, the low phase noise and low spurious provide the measurement margin necessary for repeatability and accuracy. The signal generator uses a modular platform that allows you to configure the instrument for your application.

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High Performance Modulation

For receiver measurements the Agilent 8644A offers AM, FM, and pulse modulation. FM deviations up to 20 MHz combined with specified rates to 100 kHz can test most communication receivers. AM performance includes 0-100% depth and rates to 100 kHz.

Agilent / HP 8644A Features

  • 252 kHz to 1030 MHz frequency range
  • -136 dBc/Hz phase noise at 20 kHz offset, 1 GHz carrier
  • -100 dBc/Hz nonharmonic spurious
  • AM, FM, and pulse modulation
  • Internal modulation source for complex waveforms

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