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Agilent E1607A ATM Stream Processor Module, 0-155 Mb/s (HP E1607A)

HP E1607A

ATM Stream Processor Module, 0-155 Mb/s (Agilent E1607A)

The Agilent E1607A ATM Stream Processor (ASP) is a single slot module and provides users of the BSTS with a tool for testing the traffic management characteristics of next-generation ATM switches. The product is primarily focussed on testing the key functions described in ATM Forum's Traffic Management Version 4.0 specification. E1607A 0-155 Mb/s ATM Stream Processor (ASP) and ATM line interface modules (up to OC-3c/STM-1) communicate via the 155 Mb/s BSTS cell bus.

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Agilent E1607A Features

  • Industry standard 0.191 Qos testing
  • Real time, full rated ATM Qos measurements up to 622 Mb/s
  • Access to Cell Protocol Processor (CPP) offers an SVC toolkit, including conformance testing
  • Easy to use PDU sequence builder

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