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Agilent E1608A POS Processor, 0- 622 Mb/s, VXI Module (HP E1608A)

HP E1608A

POS Processor, 0- 622 Mb/s, VXI Module (Agilent E1608A)

The Agilent E1608A Packet over SONET/SDH Processor provides users of the Broadband Series Test System (BSTS) with a tool to evaluate the traffic management characteristics of POS/SDH switch-routers interfaces. Such characteristics are central to the compliance and interoperability of network hardware. Off-line configuration utilities allow you to create a POS data file with user-defined encapsulation parameters and variable interframe gaps. Full control down to the octet allows complete testing of Layer-2 POS implementations.

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Agilent E1608A Features

  • Complete Layer-2 testing and Layer-2/3 analyzer statistics with total control of transmit payload down to bit level
  • Support for HDLC, PPP, MAPOS, and SRP encapsulations
  • 0-100% transmit & receive bandwidth
  • Capture filtering with 32 octet pattern matcher
  • Automated connection to device under test using PPP link negotiation & IP address registration
  • Native LAN support (encodes and decodes)

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