Agilent 53131A Universal Counter - 225MHz, 10 Digit (HP 53131A)

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Agilent 53131A Universal Counter - 225MHz, 10 Digit (HP 53131A)

Agilent / HP 53131A

Universal Counter (HP / Agilent 53131A)

The two-channel Agilent 53131A universal counter offers 10 digits per second of frequency / period resolution and a bandwidth of 225 MHz. Time interval resolution is specified at 500 ps. An optional third channel provides frequency measurements up to 3 GHz, 5 GHz, or 12.4 GHz. Standard measurements include frequency, period, ratio, time interval, pulse width, rise/fall time, phase angle, duty cycle, totalize, and peak voltage.

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Real-time digital signal processing technology is used to analyze data while simultaneously taking new readings, speeding measurement throughput. The technology, developed for Agilentís high-end line of modulation domain analyzers, allows the counters to gather more data for each measurement, so you get higherresolution measurements in a fraction of the time it takes other counters.

Agilent / HP 53131A Features

  • Two 225 MHz input channels
  • 10 digits per second, 500 ps time interval resolution
  • Optional third channel up to 12.4 GHz
  • GPIB Standard
  • Various options available

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