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Counters & Timers

Agilent Technologies (HP)

HP 53131A 225MHz, 10 Digit Universal Counter
HP 53131A/001 225MHz, 10 Digit Universal Counter
HP 53131A/010/030 225MHz, 10 Digit Universal Counter with High Stability Oscillator & 3GHz 3rd Channel
HP 53131A 225MHz, 10 Digit Universal Counter
HP 53132A 225MHz, 12 Digit Universal Counter
HP 53132A / 010 225MHz, 12 Digit Universal Counter
HP 53132A / 010 / 030 225MHz, 12 Digit Universal Counter
HP 5315B 100MHz Rackable Universal Counter
HP 5316B Universal Counter
HP 53181A/010 225MHz, 10 Digit RF Frequency Counter
HP 53181A/050 500MHz-20GHz CW Microwave Frequency Counter With Opt 050 - 5 GHz RF Channel
HP 53310A/030 Modulation Domain Analyser with 2.5GHz Channel C option
HP 5334A 100MHz Universal Counter
HP 5334B / 060 Universal Counter
HP 5342A Microwave Frequency Counter
HP 5350B 500MHz-20GHz CW Microwave Frequency Counter with HP-IB
HP 5352B 10 Hz to 40 GHz Microwave Counter
HP 5361B Pulse/ CW Microwave Counter
HP 5363B Time Interval Probe
HP 5370A HP / Agilent 5370A
HP 5370B Universal Time Interval Counter
HP 5371A DC to 500 MHz Time Interval Analyzer (w)
HP 5372A/090 2GHz Frequency and Time Interval Analyser with HP-IB
HP 5372B/090 2GHz Frequency & Time Interval Analyser with HPIB
HP 5385A 1GHz Frequency Counter
HP 5386A 3GHz Frequency Counter
HP E1420A 200MHz High Performance Universal Counter*
HP E1420B High-Performance Universal Counter, 200MHz, 2ns, VXI module
HP E1420B 200MHz High Performance Universal Counter Option 10 HSTB*


Aplab 1127 Frequency counter 3 ch. Ch C-60MHz to 1000 MHz
Aplab 1148 18 GHz Frequency Counter


EIP 548A EIP 548A

Fluke / Philips

Fluke 6651 Programmable High Resolution Counter/Timer
Fluke PM6669 Frequency Counter : 160 MHz
Philips PM6654C Programmable 1.5GHz Hi-Resolution Counter
Philips PM6670 120MHz Frequency Counter/Timer
Philips PM6671 120MHz Frequency Counter Timer
Philips PM6680B 1.3GHz Counter with Very High Stability option
Philips PM6685 2.7 GHz Counter With Battery


HIL 2732 12Hz-1Ghz Frequency Counter

IFR / Marconi

Marconi 2440 20GHz Microwave Counter
Marconi CPM-46 46GHz Counter, Power Meter & Voltmeter


Keithley 775A Programmable & Dual Channel Counter / Timer - DC - 120MHz


Racal 1992/04B/055 1.3GHz Counter/Timer with High Stability & GP-IB
Racal 1995/01/04E 200MHz Counter/Timer with Ultra High Stability and GP-IB
Racal 1996 Racal 1996
Racal 1998 1.3GHz Frequency Counter
Racal 1998/04B/55 1.3GHz Frequency Counter with Options
Racal 1999 3GHz Frequency Counter
Racal 2101 10Hz - 20GHz Microwave Counter with GP-IB
Racal 9835 Racal 9835
Racal 9906 200MHz Frequency Counter

Systron Donner

Systron Donner 6153 Systron Donner 6153

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