Philips PM5193 Programmable Synthesiser / Function Generator (Fluke PM5193)

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Philips PM5193 Programmable Synthesiser / Function Generator (Fluke PM5193)

Philips PM5193

50 MHz Programmable Synthesiser/Function Generator (Philips / Fluke PM5193)

The Philips PM5193 is a top-of-theline precision & versatility waveform generator with 50MHz frequency range. PM5193 offers you a comprehensive choice of waveform functions, AM, FM, gating and burst modes extend flexibility, and can be modulated either internally by the generator, or by an external source. Linear and logarithmic sweeps with fully independent start and stop frequencies and sweep times can also be made with three different sweep modes (sweep and flyback, sweep and hold, sweep up and down).

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Fluke / Philips PM5193 Features

  • Wide frequency range: 0.1 mHz to 50 MHz
  • Quartz crystal precision for long-term stability
  • Full range of standard waveform functions
  • Choice of internal and external modulation modes
  • 8-digit resolution for high precision
  • Programmable settings speed operation
  • IEEE-488 interface standard
  • Versatile rear-panel inputs and outputs

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