Keithley 2500-LV Dual Photo Diode Meter (2500-LV)

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Keithley 2500-LV Dual Photo Diode Meter (2500-LV)

Keithley 2500-LV

Dual Photo Diode Meter 2500-LV

The Keithley 2500-LV Dual Photo Diode Meter combines two stable DC bias voltage sources with two low-noise ammeters for dual-channel, low-current photodiode measurements. The unit has 0.1% basic measurement accuracy with up to 6-digit resolution. At 5-digit resolution, the Model 2500 can transfer up to 475 readings per second over the GPIB, and up to 900 readings per second with 4-digit resolution.

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Keithley 2500-LV Features

  • Output up to +/-30V
  • Sweep capabilities: linear and logarithmic staircase, and custom sweeps of up to 2500 points.
  • Programming language and remote interfaces - The Model 2500 uses the SCPI programming language and two remote interface ports (IEEE-488/GPIB and RS-232C)
  • Trigger-Link interface to Keithley Series 7000 switching hardware
  • Math functions - V/I, I/V, optical power, electrical power, ratio, delta, and offset functions.

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