Aeroflex 2399B / 03 Spectrum Analyzer - 9 kHz to 3 GHz (IFR / Marconi 2399B)

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Aeroflex 2399B / 03 Spectrum Analyzer - 9 kHz to 3 GHz (IFR / Marconi 2399B)

Aeroflex 2399B With Opt 03

Aeroflex 2399B / 03 Spectrum Analyzer - 9 kHz to 3 GHz (IFR / Marconi 2399B)

The Aeroflex 2399B in the range of spectrum analyzers from Aeroflex providing exceptional performance at an exceptional price. The local oscillator system in the 2399B is fully synthesized thus providing accurate frequency measurements with 1 Hz resolution.
Measurement Limits
The Limits facility allows an Upper and/or a Lower Limit to be set on the screen of the 2399B. Should the signal being displayed fall outside either limit a message will appear on the screen showing which limit has been exceeded and how many times this has happened.

IFR / Marconi 2399B Price

2399B - Marker Table

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Semi-Automated Measurements
The MMI on the 2399B has been designed to simplify many of the measurements required for the evaluation of today’s sophisticated communications systems. These include Adjacent Channel Power, X dB Down, Occupied Bandwidth, Channel Power and Harmonic Distortion.
Auto-Tune Function
Use of this function allows an unknown signal to be quickly captured and displayed on the screen. The 2399B will search its complete frequency range for the highest level signal, capture it and display it in the center of the screen with both the span and resolution bandwidths being automatically set to the optimal state for best viewing.

Spectral Purity
The phase noise on the 2399B is specified at -90 dBc at 10 kHz offset which allows its use for evaluating the spectral purity and noise performance of systems and sub-systems.
Signal Demodulation
Demodulation of both AM and FM signals allows full testing on a wide range of communications systems. The demodulated signal can be viewed on the screen and is also available on the internal loudspeaker and on headphones via a connector on the front panel. The fm peak deviation and am modulation depth can be measured using the markers provided in the 2399B.

IFR / Marconi 2399B Features

  • 9 kHz to 3 GHz fully synthesized frequency range
  • Lightweight, portable and rugged construction at 9.4 kg
  • Comprehensive marker facility
  • Wide input signal range +30 dBm to -110 dBm
  • Floppy disk drive & GPIB
  • AM/FM demodulation
  • With Option 03 : High Stability Timebase.

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