IFR / Marconi 2851S Digital Telecommunications Analyzer (Aeroflex 2851S)

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IFR / Marconi 2851S Digital Telecommunications Analyzer (Aeroflex 2851S)

Aeroflex 2851S

IFR / Marconi 2851S Digital Telecommunications Analyzer (Aeroflex 2851S)

The Aeroflex 2851 Digital Communications Analyzer provides all of this plus data interface testing as standard for all commonly used interfaces. A structured data option enables detailed testing of X.50, 6+2 and reiterated data systems. With the addition of DC and battery power options, a full range of field and exchange digital and data measurement requirements can be met with a choice of desktop and rackmountable packages. A choice of RS-232 or IEEE-488 remote control completes the picture, extending remote applications from unattended monitoring to laboratory and factory test requirements.

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PCM Framing System

2850B and 2851 are able to generate and receive all commonly used framing systems up to 8448 kbit/s, for both the European and North American digital hierarchies.

The instruments can be optioned as European or hybrid versions, and this includes an all bit rate version (European plus North American).

Thus 2850B and 2851 have the flexibility to address global applications, including operation in International Gateways where there is a requirement to test mixtures of European and North American traffic carried on satellite systems.

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56 kbit/s and 64 kbit/s Channel Testing

Individual channels within T1, 704, 2048 and 8448 kbit/s (G.704/G.744) can be tested at 64 or 56 kbit/s, assisting in testing and fault location within digital data networks and cross-connect switches.

n x 64 kbit/s Channel Testing

The expanding services at n x 64 kbit/s can be tested where they are carried within primary rate digital signals. All systems and n x 64 kbit/s cross-connect switches are catered for with the flexibility of contiguous and non-contiguous channel selection.

IFR/Marconi 2851 Digital Analyzer - Features

  • Combined data and PCM rate tester
  • Framed and Unframed operation at 2048 and 8448 kbit/s with option of 1544 kbit/s (T1) or 704 kbit/s
  • All data test interfaces as standard: RS-232, X.21 (X.24), V.35, RS-449 (V.36) (2851), codirectional, contra-directional with EUROCOM optional (2850B & 2851)
  • 50 bit/s to 2.5 Mbit/s in 1 bit/s steps
  • Data interface and analog channel access
  • G.821, G.921, G.826, M.2100 and G.962 analysis
  • Measurements include propagation delay, frequency deviation, frequency and level measurement, DTMF and CAS
  • Remote control via RS-232 or IEEE-488 with optional PC applications software
  • DC power and internal battery options

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