Marconi 2955B Radio Communication Test Set (IFR 2955B)

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Marconi 2955B Radio Communication Test Set (IFR 2955B)

IFR / Marconi 2955B

Radio Communication Test Set (Marconi 2955B)

The Radio Communications Test Set Marconi 2955B provide comprehensive test facilities for AM, FM and ØM mobile radio transceivers operating up to 1000 MHz. The 2955B is a combination of the following instruments:

  • RF power meter.
  • DC and AF voltmeter.
  • RF counter.
  • AF counter.
  • RF generator.
  • AF generators (two).
  • Modulation meter.
  • AF distortion, SIN AD or SIN meter .
  • Sequential tones decoder and encoder.
  • DTMF decoder and encoder.
  • DCS decoder and encoder.
  • POCSAG radio pager encoder.
  • Sensitive receiver (Option 1 only).
  • Digital oscilloscope.

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These are automatically connected to the appropriate socket when an operating mode is selected. A large CRT display shows all the generated and measured information for each test and a direct indication of the control settings being used. The 2955B can be used to check a wide range of equipment including simplex and duplex radio telephones and mobiles using selective calling and cross-band repeaters.

Marconi / IFR 2955B Features

  • Comprehensive testing facilities for AM/FM/ØM transceivers to 1000 MHz
  • Full duplex facility test radio telephones and cross-band repeaters
  • Sequential and revertive tones, DTMF and DCS encoders/decoders
  • Menu driven CRT display with 26 stores for recall of standard settings
  • Built-in self test and operator guide
  • System checking of simplex transceivers in less than 3 seconds
  • Operation from any standard AC supply up to 400 Hz or vehicle supply
  • GPIB or RS232 for full instrument control

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