Kepco MSK 125-1M Linear benchtop power supply (0-125V, 1A)

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Kepco MSK 125-1M Linear benchtop power supply (0-125V, 1A)

Kepco MSK 125-1M

Linear benchtop power supply - 0-125V, 1A (Kepco MSK 125-1M )

The Kepco MSK 125-1M is a compact linear benchtop power suppliy designed for maintenance shop or laboratory testing of microprocessor and logic circuitry. The Kepco MSK series provides 100 Watts of stabilized voltage or current over a choice of five voltage or current output ranges. Regulation Is provided by a high gain linear series pass circuit with forced air heat sink cooling. A "preview" feature allows output to the load to be turned off while values for the current or voltage mode are selected using a precision control and digital LCD numeric displays of current and voltage. Units feature good stability with low noise and accurate resettablllty. Units operate from either 115V or 230V ac input by changing a switch setting at the rear.

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Kepco MSK 125-1M Features

  • 47-63 Hz Frequency
  • 0-125V, 1A
  • 3.5" LCD Display

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