Rohde & Schwartz CMS52 : 1 GHz Radio Communication Service Monitor (R&S CMS52)

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Rohde & Schwartz CMS52 : 1 GHz Radio Communication Service Monitor (R&S CMS52)


Rohde & Schwartz CMS52 : 1 GHz Radio Communication Service Monitor (R&S CMS52)

The Rohde & Schwarz CMS52 Radiocommunication Service Monitor is the ideal radio tester for service, maintenance, and test departments. With its full-featured configuration plus additional test facilities, it not only satisfies all requirements of radio measurements, but is also able to perform tests in related fields. The light-weight and compact instrument is particularly suitable for mobile use. With its extensive test facilities, it's also a valuable aid in development laboratories.

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CMS uses a large, high-resolution LCD screen with backlighting and graphics compability. It is operated via softkeys at the two sides of the display. A clear menu structure allows fast and direct accss to any of the test facilities provided in the CMS.

In the learn mode, the CMS stores all manual settings and measurements and produces from them ready-to-start automatic test routines. The user need not have any programming knowledge or learn equipment-specific command sets. Tolerances, comments and conditions (loops, jumps, queries and control commands) can additionally be inserted into these test routines.

C-Net tests place higher requirements on the radio tester regarding frequency accuracy and speed of level and frequency setting. In the standard test, two base stations with different level and separation are simulated by the CMS52. For test purposes, up to 32 base stations with programmable level distance and signalling can however also be defined.

Rohde & Schwartz CMS52 Features

  • Compact, Versatile and Full-featured Radiotelephone Tester
  • Full-duplex operation without compromise on measurements
  • Signaling unit for cellular radio, e.g., E-AMPS, trunked radio, paging systems, and ZVEI digital
  • Automatic self-adjustment functions and comprehensive self-test
  • RF Counter, RF Frequency-offset counter, Power meter
  • Remote control via IEC/IEEE Bus

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