Rohde & Schwarz SMT03 Signal Generator - 5kHz - 3 GHz (R & S SMT03)

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Rohde & Schwarz SMT03 Signal Generator - 5kHz - 3 GHz (R & S SMT03)


3 GHz Signal Generator - R&S SMT03

The Rohde & Schwarz SMT Signal Generator (R&S SMT) covers the range of conventional analog receiver measurements. The R&S SMT affords exceptionally high signal quality for a generator, as well as outstanding level accuracy, a wide variety of modulation and signal generation modes, customized configuration. Features such as programmable RF, LF and level sweeps as well as the correction of external frequency response make the SMT an ideal source for EMS measurements.

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The ideal EMS signal source

With a specified lower frequency limit of 5 kHz (underronge down to 1 kHz), the signal generator R&S SMT fully covers the frequency range. The digital, step-by-step sweep function with preselectoble start and stop frequency, span, step width and step time enables the convenient testing of wide frequency ranges. The sweep function can also be used for the RF level and AF frequency. The frequency response of cables, amplifiers, TEM cells, etc can be compensated already in the signal generator by means of a level correction function.

R&S SMT03 Features

  • Frequency range : 5KHz to 3 GHz
  • AM, FM, Phase Modulation, optional pulse modulation
  • Broadband FM and Phase Modulation
  • Convenient RF, LF and level sweeps
  • Memory sequence function for automatic measurements
  • Programmable level correction for compensation of external frequency response

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