Rohde & Schwarz SPF2 PAL/NTSC Multifunction Video Test Signal Generator

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Rohde & Schwarz SPF2 PAL/NTSC Multifunction Video Test Signal Generator


PAL/NTSC Multifunction Video Test Signal Generator (R&S SPF2)
R & S SPF2 Price

The R&S SPF2 Video Test Signal Generator produces all the video signals for TV measurements in accordance with exisiing standards or with special waveforms and amplitudes and inserts these as test lines into the program signal. The SPF2 combines a number of instrument functions: video signa l generator, test signal generator, noise generator, VTR test signal generator and test signal inserter.
Its ease of operation , light weight and low power consumption make the SPF2 ideal for mobile use. To cover the wide range of applications, different models of the SPF-2 are available.

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The composite colour video signal (CCVS) for full-field measurements can have standard levels or the amplitudes of the individual signal components, such as sync pulse, picture component and composite (colour) video, can be adjusted. Moreover, an insertion signal at the calibrated level of 700 mV with adjustable sync and picture components is available. The test signals produced are automatically inserted into the generator signal and into the program signal. By changing internal links the test signals can be inserted into any line, even into several lines. By passing the program path in the SPF-2 is possible by means of an external bypassing device with the aid of status signals.

R & S SPF2 Features

  • Standards B/G, D, H, I (PAL) and M (NTSC)
  • Video signal generator
  • Noise Generator
  • VTR test signal generator
  • Test signal generator
  • Test signal inserter

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