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R & S UAF Video Signal Analyzer


Video Signal Analyzer (R & S UAF)

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The R&S UAF Video Analyzer provides measurement accuracy for satisfying studio quality requirements and measuring times in the seconds range these are the standards which have to be met in present-day automatic video measurement engineering. User-friendly operation and a clear display with graphics support ensure straightforward measurements. Moreover, the UAF features stateof-the-art design, great flexibility, compactness and light weight.

The signal analysis comprises 25 video and test line parameters and covers all important levels as well as linear and nonlinear distortions such as 2T K rating, frequency response and hum. The position of the test lines can be freely selected over the entire picture area and in the field blanking interval; storage of up to eight test configurations is possible.

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The memory card permits storage of complete instrument setups: limit values, test parameter definitions, filter settings in the case of noise voltage measurements as well as line numbers of the eight test configurations. Thus any measurement can be reproduced. For use in quality and production control of video recorders, the UAF also handles the S-VHS component signals Y/C.

R & S UAF Features

  • 3 signal inputs
  • 25 video parameters
  • Limit monitoring
  • Full-field measurements
  • Freely selectable test signal
  • Memory Card & Printer Interface
  • Remote control (IEC/IEEE bus)

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