Agilent Technologies (HP) 60501A

Agilent Technologies (HP) 60501A

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The Agilent 60501A is a 60V/30A, 150W Electronic Load Module used with Agilent 6050A or Agilent 6051A Electronic Load Mainframes. The 60501A is ideal for the testing and evaluation of dc power sources and power components and is well suited for applications in areas such as research and development, production, and incoming inspection.

Agilent 60501A Features

  • 3-60V, 0-30A, 150W
  • Programmable Range CC mode: 0-3 A, 0-30 A
  • Programmable Range CR mode:0.067-2 ohm, 2-2000 ohms, 20-20,000 ohms
  • Modes: Constant Current (CC), Constant Voltage (CV), Constant Resistance (CR)
  • Pulse waveform programmable modes: frequency, duty, cycle, and slew rate


ManufacturerAgilent Technologies (HP)