Anritsu MP1570A1

Anritsu MP1570A1

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Anritsu MP1570A1 SONET/SDH/PDH/ATM Analyzer

The Anritsu MP1570A1 analyzer is designed for development, manufacturing, construction, maintenance, and inspection of SONET, SDH, PDH, and ATM equipment and networks. A variety of plug-in units and options are available that offer the flexibility to the users to configure various analysis systems for different applications. The MP1570A1 is scalable from 1.5 Mbit/s to 10 Gbit/s, and has seven slots to install the plug-in units required for SONET and SDH tests at bit different rates. Installing the appropriate combinations of plug-in units can also perform ATM, jitter and wander tests conform to ITU-T O.171/O.172.

Anritsu MP1570A1 Available configurations

Anritsu MP1570A1 - SONET/SDH/PDH/ATM Analyser

MP0121A – 2/8/34/139/156M Unit

MU150002A – Optical 10G Rx Receiver (Narrow) Unit

MU150001A - Optical 10G Tx Transmitter (1.55) Unit

MU150000A – 2.5G/10G Unit

MP0122A - 1.5/45/52M Unit

Anritsu MP1570A1 – SONET/SDH/PDH/ATM Analyser

MP0122A - 1.5/45/52M Unit

MP0121A – 2/8/34/139/156M Unit

MU150008A - 2.5G(1.31) Unit