National Instruments NI SCB-68

National Instruments NI SCB-68

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National Instruments NI SCB-68 I/O Shielded Connector Block

  • Shielded I/O connector block for use with 68-pin X, M, E, B, S, and R Series DAQ devices
  • Screw terminals for easy I/O connections or for use with the CA-1000
  • 2 general-purpose breadboard areas
  • Onboard cold-junction compensation sensor for low-cost thermocouple measurements
  • For highly accurate thermocouple measurements use SCC or SCXI signal conditioning

The NI SCB-68 comes equipped with an onboard cold-junction compensation sensor, which is designed for affordable thermocouple measurements. This Shielded Connector Block is compatible with 68-pin X Series, M Series, E Series, B Series, S Series, and R Series DAQ devices. The SCB-68 has a general breadboard section for customized circuitry and sockets for interchanging electrical components. The NI SCB-68 can function with low-noise and rugged signal termination with a shielded cable. The sockets or component pads enable filtering, voltage attenuation, 4 to 20 mA current input measurement, and open thermocouple detection. The component pads on the SCB-68 enable users to add signal conditioning to the analog input, analog output, and PFI 0 signals of a 68-pin or 100-pin DAQ device with ease.


ManufacturerNational Instruments
ModelNI SCB-68