Agilent / HP E36234A

Agilent / HP E36234A

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Agilent E36234A Bench Power Supply, Programmable, 2 Output, 0 V, 60 V, 0 A, 10 A

Keysight E36200 series power supplies are designed for applications that require more power than a typical bench power supplies can deliver. Applications include testing automotive components, aerospace defence avionics, DC-DC converters and LED lighting drivers. The power supplies are designed to output more usable power. Autoranging architecture provides more current at all voltage settings. The E36200 series offers single and dual output models. Dual channel models offer auto-series and auto-parallel to combine their outputs into a single channel with twice the voltage or current. E.g. up to 120 V or 40 A. These are fully programmable supplies with USB, LAN, optional GPIB and a digital I/O interface. The E36200 series look very similar to the E36300 series.

  • Clean, reliable power with less than 350 uVrms ripple and noise
  • 2-wire or 4-wire remote sense
  • Auto series or parallel connections (enabling doubling of current and voltage outputs)
  • Over voltage, over current and over temperature protection
  • Thermal-control fan speed for lower acoustic noise
  • Dual output models with independent control and complete isolation from each other
  • Front and rear output terminals
  • E3633A and E3634A code compatible
  • LAN(LXI), USB and GPIB (optional)
  • Advanced characterisation (data logging, output sequencing, LIST mode, low range current measurement, adjustable voltage slew rate)


ManufacturerAgilent / HP