Keithley DMM7510

Keithley DMM7510

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Keithley DMM7510 Precision Digital Multimeter

The Keithley DMM7510 combines all the advantages of a precision digital multimeter, a graphical touchscreen display, and a high speed, high resolution digitizer to create an industry first: a graphical sampling multimeter. The digitizer gives the DMM7510 unprecedented signal analysis flexibility; the five-inch capacitive touchscreen display makes it easy to observe, interact with, and explore measurements with "pinch and zoom" simplicity.

  • Precision multimeter with 3½- to 7½-digit resolution
  • 0.0014% basic DCV accuracy
  • Exceptional low noise performance and expanded range
  • 100mV, 1R, and 10µA ranges offer the sensitivity needed for measuring low level signals
  • Capture and display waveforms or transients with 1MS/sec, 18 bit digitizer
  • Large internal memory buffer; store over 11 million readings in standard mode or 27.5 million in compact mode
  • Display more with 5-inch high-resolution touchscreen interface, any function with one button click, analyze measured data faster
  • Advanced triggering options make it possible to capture a signal at precisely the right point