BK Precision / Sefram 4055B 60MHz 2 Channel Arbitrary Waveform Generator

BK Precision / Sefram 4055B 60MHz 2 Channel Arbitrary Waveform Generator

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BK Precision 4055B Function/Arbitrary Waveform Generator

Function Generator, Arbitrary, 2 Channel, 60 MHz, 4050B Series

The BK4055B from B&K Precision is a 4050B series dual channel function/arbitrary waveform generator. It is capable of generating stable and precise sine, square, triangle, pulse and arbitrary waveforms. With an easy to read colour display and intuitive user interface with numeric keypad, this instrument offers plenty of features including linear/logarithmic sweep, built-in counter, extensive modulation and triggering capabilities, a continuously variable DC offset and a high performance 14bit, 150MSa/s arbitrary waveform generator. CH1 and CH2 outputs can both be varied from 0 to 10Vpp into 50 ohm. Easily create custom arbitrary waveforms using the included waveform editing software or use any of the 196 built-in predefined arbitrary waveforms. More than 1000 user-defined 16K point arbitrary waveforms can be saved to instrument. LabVIEW drivers allow users to conveniently load and save .csv or .txt file data directly into the arb memory without having to use waveform editing software.

  • Sine & square frequency range from 1μHz to 60MHz, arbitrary frequency range from 1μHz to 12.5MHz
  • Pulse frequency range from 1μHz to 12.5MHz, triangle & ramp frequency range from 1μHz to 500KHz
  • Large 4.3" TFT LCD display 480 x 272 resolution, capable of generating low jitter pulse waveforms
  • 100VAC to 240VAC ±10%, 50/60Hz, 100VAC to 120VAC ±10%, 400Hz input and power consumption of 50W
  • Sampling rate of 150MSa/s, minimum rise/fall time of 6.5ns (arbitrary characteristics)
  • Variable DC offset, adjustable duty cycle, internal/external triggering, gate and burst mode
  • Synchronize phase of both channels with push of button
  • Accuracy of ±25ppm (1 year), resolution of 1μHz, AM/DSB-AM/ASK/FM/FSK/PM/PSK/PWM modulations
  • LAN, USB device port (USBTMC-compliant) and front panel USB host port, GPIB connectivity


ManufacturerBK Precision / Sefram