Fluke / Philips PM6685R

Fluke / Philips PM6685R

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Rubidium Frequency Counter The Philips PM6685R Rubidium Frequency Counter (Fluke PM6685R) is the most accurate portable frequency counter on the market. It offers all the functionality of the PM6685, plus the stability and accuracy of a built-in Rubidium atomic reference. High stability, high accuracy and short warm-up times make this instrument ideal for highaccuracy calibration procedures outside the cal lab environment, such as in base station transmitters of large telecommunication networks like GSM. Fluke / Philips PM6685R Features 300 MHz basic input range. Displays 10 digits in a second. Smart AUTO trigger eliminates guesswork, provides error free measurements. Calibrates any application specific frequency 10 MHz buffered Rubidium reference output Ask for Philips PM6685R detailed specification.


ManufacturerFluke / Philips
ModelPhilips PM6685R