Danbridge JP15

Danbridge JP15

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7.5/15kV Insulation tester The Danbridge JP15 non-destructive High Voltage Insulation Testers meet the demands for a gentle method of testing insulation condition and detecting leakage currents while protecting hardware, components and materials. The use of DC high-voltage testing has a lot of advantages compared to AC testing when used in production for quality control, for design and component evaluation in the development department, and also for maintenance and fault location in the service department. DC testing permits a more quantitative analysis. It indicates the quality of the insulation, thereby predicting the lifetime of the DUT (Device Under Test). Danbridge JP15 Insulation Tester Features Minimal Discharge Energy: Output current limited to protect personnel. Leakage Current Meter: Allows the instrument to be used as a megohmmeter. Guard Terminal: Prevents stray currents from influencing leakage current measurements.


ModelDanbridge JP15