IFR Marconi 2305

IFR Marconi 2305

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50 kHz to 2.32 GHz Modulation Meter The Marconi 2305 Modulation Meter is an automatic tuning instrument suitable for a wide range of measurements on singnal source. Conventional measurements such as FM or Phase Modulation deviation and AM depth are made with excellent resolution and high accuracy over a carrier frequency range from 50 kHz to 2.23 GHz. Additional measurements such frequency, RF Power, frequncy response, signal to noise ratio, etc. can be made and a high quality demolated output is provided for monitoring purpose. An internal calibrator is fitted to ensure optimum accuracy for all modulation measurements. With it's wide range of measurement facilities, the 2305 is suitable for development, production and maintenance testing of equipment for fixed and mobile communications, broadcasting, telemetry and multi-channel links. The unit can also be used for measuring and calibrating precision signal sources. Marconi / IFR 2305 Features 0.5% basic accuracy 50 kHz to 2.


ManufacturerIFR Marconi