Noisecom UFX-BER-45

Noisecom UFX-BER-45

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Precision C/N and Eb/No Generators (45 MHz +47.5 kHz) The Noisecom UFX-BER-45 Precision C/N and Eb/No Generators (45 MHz +47.5 kHz) sets an accurate Eb/No or C/N ratio between a user-provided signal and internally-generated noise. The UFX-BER generates Eb/No for IF back-to-back or loop-back testing with extreme precision over a broad range of input or output power, steps, increments, and decrements. Eb/No values can be entered directly in dB from the front panel or by IEEE-488 bus. The instrument is equipped with an interferer input for C/I tests. Noisecom UFX-BER-45 Features Frequency : 45 MHz +47.5 kHz Direct display of Eb/No, C/N, C/N, or C/I Accuracy of 0.21 dB RSS Bit rate entry, 1 bit/s to 500 Mbit/s Variable output power Ask for Noisecom UFX-BER-45 detailed specification.