Noisecom UFX7112

Noisecom UFX7112

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Programmable Noise Generator, 1 MHz to 2 GHz The NoiseCom UFX7112 1MHz-2GHz 1mW Noise Generator is extremely easy to use, combining dedicated keys for control of operations and programming with a large 4 x 20 character LCD display for instant status information. The NoiseCom UFX7112 1MHz-2GHz 1mW Noise Generator contains an amplified noise source that is tuned to provide the best flatness at the instrument output. The amplifier is optimized to deliver an output with a Gaussian amplitude distribution. Noise output power level can be adjusted from 0 to 127 dB in 1 dB (optionally 0.1 dB) steps. The UFX7112 Noise Generator allow the noise attenuator, noise filter, signal attenuator values, step size, and signal filter setting to be selected in three ways: at the front panel keypad, remotely via IEEE-488 bus, or automatically under program control. Every front panel operation except instrument on/off is programmable.