Fluke / Philips 732A

Fluke / Philips 732A

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dV Reference Standard The Fluke 732A is a solid state dV reference standard which provides significant performance improvements in stability, ruggedness and transportability. Its 10V output offers better resolution, lower noise and simpler operation than standard cells. The 732A also includes outputs of 1.0 and 1.018 volts. The accuracy and stability of the 732A allows direct substitution for saturated standard cells in many applications. Its stability of 0.5 ppm for 30 days provides the confidence necessary to calibrate highperformance instruments. In addition, the use of the 10V output as a primary reference standard means that the effects of thermal emfs and noise are reduced. The 732A can be shorted, even for extended periods of time, without damage and recovers without loss of stability. The unit may be powered by line voltage or will operate 12 hours on its internal battery - even longer on external batteries.


ManufacturerFluke / Philips
ModelFluke 732A