Valhalla Scientific 2500

Valhalla Scientific 2500

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AC-DC Current Calibrator The Valhalla Scientific 2500 AC/DC Current Calibrator is a widerange voltage-to-current converter. This instrument will convert a precise input voltage to a proportional output current. If the input voltage is DC, the output current will have the polarity of the input voltage. If the input voltage is AC, the output current will have the frequency, amplitude and phase characteristics of the applied input voltage. The 2500 provides seven current ranges from 1 microampere to 1 ampere which are selectable from the front-panel range switch. The legends above each push-button indicate the current produced at the output terminals when one (1.0000) volt is applied to the input terminals. Valhalla Scientific 2500 Features Input Impedance : 100KΩ Input:Output Ratio : 1 volt produces 100% of rng output upto 200% of rng Max input voltage : ±3 volts or RMS Output compliance voltage : ±10V peak; ±7V peak above 100% of rng Ask for 2500


ManufacturerValhalla Scientific
ModelValhalla Scientific 2500