Agilent Technologies (HP) 37204A

Agilent Technologies (HP) 37204A

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Multipoint HP-IB Extender Agilent 37204A Multi-point HP-IB Extender to an HP-IB system allows the 2-meter separation between HP-IB devices to be extended up to 1250 meters. Adding flexibility to the design of ATE, data acquisition/control, or office systems. With the 37204A you receive error-free transmission and chain truncation feature to ensure uninterrupted operation. Agilent / HP 37204A Features Front Panel Position Switch Status LEDs 120 Volt Input Dual BNC Rear Panel Connections HPIB / GPIB Rear Panel Connection Ask for Agilent 37204A detailed specification.


ManufacturerAgilent Technologies (HP)