IFR / Marconi 2440

IFR / Marconi 2440

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20GHz Microwave Counter The Marconi 2440 Microwave Counter provides three channel automatic frequency measurement from 10 Hz to 20 GHz in a small portable case style. The Powerful and versatile microprocessors-controlled keyboard can perform offsets as a standard feature, as well as initiating diagnostic functions. Measurements and operational details are displayed as a 9-digit liquid crystal readout. Resolution to the full 9 digits is automatic or can be manually set for 0.1 Hz over the full range to 20 GHz. The display rate can be adjusted from 11 ms to 20 s independently of resolution, which is keyboard selected from 0.1 Hz to 10 kHz. The microwave acquisition time is typically 200 ms. giving fast response and measurement updates. The ability of the 2440 to make measurements in the presence of wide FM and large depth AM modulations, is an important feature for applications in the communications industry.


ManufacturerIFR / Marconi
ModelMarconi 2440