Keithley 775A

Keithley 775A

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Programmable & Dual Channel Counter / Timer - DC - 120MHz The Keithley 775A is a nine digit, microcomputer based, fully programmable, universal counter / timer. The Counter / Timer 775A measures Frequency A, Frequency B, Frequency C, Period, Period Averaged, Time Intervals A - B, Pulse Width (positive or negative) A with high resolution. The display consists of 9 digits with an additional digit for exponent. The built-in interface makes the instrument fully programmable over the IEEE-488 bus. The Keithley 775A contains a programmable trigger level that allows additional flexibility in measurements over the bus (e.g. measuring rise and fall time with trigger points other than 10% and 90%). Gate time is programmed in 46 steps from 100psec to 10sec or external from the front panel or over the bus. Keithley 775A Features 0 to 120MHz, DC coupled 30Hz to 120MHz, AC coupled. Nine LED digits with decimal point and exponent Programmable : IEEE-488 Interface


ModelKeithley 775A