Solartron 3531D

Solartron 3531D

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Orion Delta Data Acquisition System Mainframe with Built-in Display & Front panel control-keypad The Solartron 3531D Orion Delta Data Acquisition System Mainframe (Schlumberger 3531D) with Built-in Display & Front panel control-keypad, Integral Thermal Printer & Disk Drive. Solartron / Schlumberger 3531D Plug-in Modules Available 35301A : Reed relay selector 20ch. 3pole/10ch. 6pole (Peak voltage 200V) 35301B : Solid State selector 20ch. 3pole/10ch.6pole (Peak Voltage 14V) 35301D : Transducer Energisation Module 35302A : Event status i/p module 35302B : Digital i/p, o/p module 35302C : Counter Timer Module for Freq., Period, Interval, Totalising 35304A : GP-IB IEEE488 I/Face 35304B : RS232 or RS422 I/face Solartron / Schlumberger 3531D Features Scans inputs @ upto 500ch/s 8 separate or inter-related tasks Comprehensive sensor handling - thermocouples,, strain Gauges, PRT's etc. IEEE-488 & RS-232C Interfaces Integral Thermal printer - instant printouts


ModelSolartron 3531D