Schaffner NSG800 / NSG809

Schaffner NSG800 / NSG809

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High Voltage, Safety and Insulation Testers with plug-in module Schaffner NSG800/NSG809 High Voltage Test System, consisting of the basic unit NSG800 Insulation Tester with Motor-Variac and Schaffner NSG809 standard high voltage plug-in module. The test system generates test voltages up to 5000V AC and up to 7500V DC. Using the TEST mode currents up to 100mA are available. Using the BURN mode enables significant increased current. Schaffner NSG800 / NSG809 Features High voltage testing with AC / DC voltage Insulationtest, high capacitive/inductive loads Short-circuit-proof in the modes TEST and BURN Accurate timer for real-time test No over-voltage peaks Built-in RS232 interface Ask for Schaffner NSG800 / NSG809 detailed specification.


ModelNSG800 / NSG809