Agilent Technologies (HP) HP 83430A/130

Agilent Technologies (HP) HP 83430A/130

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Lightwave Transmitter/Digital Source, Opt 130 1310 ± 20nm Center Wavelength The Agilent 83430A Lightwave Transmitter/Digital Source is a modulatable DFB laser source that converts digital input signals to a preset optical output level that is SDH / SONET compliant. It is designed to evaluate the performance of high-speed TDM (time division multiplexed) and WDM (wavelength division multiplexed) optical receivers and systems to SDH/SONET OC-1 (51.84 Mb/s) through STM-16/OC-48 (2.488 Gb/s) standards. The 83430A can be combined with an error performance analyzer to test optical receiver sensitivity and dispersion power penalty. Multiple 83430As may be used to test WDM optical channel performance and it can be combined with a sampling oscilloscope to provide transceiver waveform testing such as filtered conformance mask testing, extinction ratio and eye-diagram measurements. Agilent 83430A / 130 Features SDH/SONET compliant User adjustable extinction ratio 52, 155, 622 and 2488 Mb/s rates


ManufacturerAgilent Technologies (HP)
ModelHP 83430A/130